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State-Based College Grants

State grants or scholarships will often be suggested by high school guidance counselors or college admissions offices…awarded either directly by your college through state-based programs or via local scholarships you’ll have to seek out more independently…and can be both merit and need based.

Many state scholarships pay particular attention to applicants pursuing certain high need fields. Many states have well-funded nursing and education programs, or programs that are geared toward the health care, medical, or engineering fields. Many state supported schools offer athletic or talent based scholarships…such as football, basketball, track, dance, theatre, art, and several other areas.
Many students are faced with cost effective decisions…such as considering attending a college or university in their home state, rather than opting to attend a college or university out of state. Out of state tuition can often be very, very, expensive. Another major factor is that state universities can offer a very generous financial aid benefit opportunity. Many state universities even offer financial aid packages that penalize recipients that don’t complete their education programs or take on jobs certified by their state. Therefore, their scholarship then becomes a loan, with interest attached.

It would most likely be a wise decision to apply for state universities in your home state and also apply for universities and colleges outside of your state…allowing you several options.

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