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We realize that it's not always easy to search for college grants and scholarships. This is because many grants and scholarships are not widely advertised. However, we have identified websites that offer them regularly. Allowing us to assist you will cut your search time dramatically.

The number of families who are filling out/completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid has drastically increased during recent years. How to pay for college is clearly on people's minds. Yet when the college scholarship season winds to a close each summer, there will be millions of dollars in scholarships for the fall left unused. Students either don't apply or don't apply on time. But it's neither too early to start planning for scholarships for upcoming years nor too late to apply for certain scholarships for classes that begin in the fall. 

Again, allowing us to assist you with your scholarship search will drastically cut your search time. However, if you wish to conduct your own search, in addition to allowing us to assist you, here are some tips:

•Start early. Many scholarships are available only to students who apply in their junior year in high school. Also, Stanley recommends students who hope to attend military academies get to know their congressional representatives so they can seek appointments later. And, he says, many scholarship sponsors offer mentoring programs that begin tracking students in junior high.

•Avoid silly and fatal application errors. "Read and follow all directions closely, and proof your essay — several times," says Ellen Greene, scholarship coordinator for the retailer Nordstrom, which offers 40 scholarships annually.

•Take time to spell check. Take time to try to write a cogent sentence. You could find an extremely talented student overlooked because they don't know basic syntax because they've been Twittering and texting now for years.

•Don't count yourself out. You don't need high SATs or have to be able to do a 360-degree dunk to nab a scholarship. is family oriented, and we add a personal flair to each and every client that we work with.  Please contact our College Prep Counselors/Advisers for assistance.