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Myths about College Scholarships-B
Myth 4: I'm a top student, so university scholarships will come to me

There are very few students that get what is considered a “free ride”. Most students have to depend on a variety of financial assistance to cover the costs of their education, and must explore as many options available as possible. For instance, tuition tax credits, state and federal programs, loans, and grants. The more scholarships and grants that a student applies for the better his or her probability becomes that they will be awarded financial assistance. Therefore, if a student does chose to contact an organization such as, it won’t hurt for them to also conduct a search themselves…just sitting back and expecting the money to flow in is not advisable…it takes a great deal of effort to apply for as many scholarships as possible to increase your chances of being awarded financial aid.

Myth 5: If I apply for a loan, it will lessen my chances for a college scholarship

Many parents and students make the assumption that student loans will reduce the chances of being awarded money from their College or University. In fact, taking out loans, in many cases, will not affect the chances of being awarded money from the educational institution. Every school sets its own policy on this matter. 

Myth 6: Student scholarships require a glamorous talent

In many cases, determination just might not be what is considered the most glamorous talent. However, it works! Being an excellent athlete, in most cases, does help…but not all students fall in this category. Ultimately, doing research, filling out as many forms as possible, and contacting organizations such as is what is going to determine how much financial assistance you will receive. Also, timing is of the utmost importance…getting your forms to the right place at the right time can lead to being awarded scholarships.

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