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Safety Tips For Campus
Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind prior to beginning college…these safety tips will help you to stay safe and protected on your college campus:

• Note all the emergency phone call numbers throughout your college campus that are directly in link with the security. Study your campus and keep in notice where the phones are located in your campus route.

• Joining defense classes can be helpful; be prepared for any kind of attack. You will get to learn through these classes what body parts should be punched or kicked to fight off any attacker. In today’s society, it is important for both girls and boys to attend these seminars to learn the measures to prevent situations from occurring, such as rape situations. 

• You can use the campus escorts if you are alone and it’s after dark…many universities have volunteer escorts that will walk along with you. These escorts are screened prior to becoming volunteers.

• Avoid walking through dark areas that have dim lights . Walk in open parts and areas and opt to walk in the most traveled paths on and off campus. Avoid lonely and deserted parts and areas, and most especially during night hours.

• Be sure to notice the emergency exits from your dorm room and know the locations of fire extinguishers. Also keep notice of emergency exits and fire extinguishers in buildings that you frequent, such as the Student Union, Athletic Facility, and buildings where you attend classes. If you plan to visit students in other dorms or apartments, be sure to notice emergency exits and fire extinguishers.  Frequently check your smoke detectors in your dorm room to see if the smoke detectors are working or not. 

• Keep your dorm room locked and don’t let anyone enter without your permission. Don’t keep the doors open…even if you are expecting friends to stop by. If alone, open them with caution. 

• Locate ATM'S on your campus that are at the safest place. If you are going at night for withdrawals take along a friend…always try to avoid going alone. As you receive the cash, put your ATM and cash in your pocket immediately…always check to make sure that you have removed your card from the ATM Machine.

Going to college is always exciting but you need to be aware of all your surroundings…college life and security go hand in hand. Read the college newspaper or magazines and be updated of what is going on in and around your campus and your nearby surroundings and neighborhood… as these magazines and newspapers alert students about the latest problems in the area. If you find or notice anything suspicious going on, inform campus security immediately.