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Additional Tips

• Don’t assume that your favorite teacher will write you the best letter of recommendation…shop around ASAP for the best recommendation letters. Your favorite teacher may have a great deal of confidence in you, and may have great things to say regarding your accomplishments…but is he or she a compelling writer? We are not suggesting anything negatively regarding your teachers' writing abilities...most teachers have good writing skills...we are only suggesting that you start early with requesting letters of recommendations, so that you have a choice as to which you would like to submit to the scholarships and schools of your choice. 

• Check local newspapers for blurbs students whom have won scholarships that sound like a good fit toward your career of choice. You just may qualify to apply for the same scholarship later in the year, or the following year.

• Some scholarships require a nomination from your school or school officials. Talk with your school officials, such as your teachers, principal, guidance or college prep counselor…all of whom may be familiar with your accomplishments…which may include things that you have accomplished outside of school or school hours. If your school officials do not know everything regarding what you have done outside of school or school hours, have your parents complete a sheet of extracurricular activities and submit it to your school. 

• Check your high schools website for local scholarship information, and then check other high schools in the area to see if they also post local scholarship information on their websites. A good example would be if you are a good student in the area of English or Science, check local charter school websites to see if they list local scholarships. Some websites may also list statewide or national scholarships.

• Allow search sites, such as, do the work for you. Although we are a free website, we also offer an advanced search, where we charge a very low/minimal fee to do an advanced search.  In addition to, there are also other free websites that do not charge a fee to access their websites. However, most will not offer the personalized assistance and consultation that sites such as offers. Again, we are a free website and provide links and resources to scholarships and grants free of charge, but you also have the option to pay the low/minimal consultation fee for additional help. Some may not want to do any of the work involved with a scholarship search or simply don't have the time.  Therefore, we offer the low cost/minimal fee to those individuals that would like a professional to do the search and complete the forms for them. Again, not everyone has the time to do a search and complete forms...this fits their needs. However, some individuals may want to conduct their own search in addition to requesting our assistance.